About Us

We are Elena and Leonidas, photographers, travelers and life enthusiasts!

We love exploring new places and meeting locals! Our camera is the excuse to go beyond what
can be seen and discover new interesting stories.


I was born and raised in Athens with an extreme inherent curiosity for the world around me! This led me soon, to study photography in Leica Academy in Athens in the first place and afterwords Photography and Film in Edinburgh Napier University, in Scotland.


My relationship with image is passionate -blurred between life and work-and multi layered. I am working on applied photography: shooting for travel magazines and agencies. Teaching photography to adults in photo workshops and also practicing image as a form of art and self-expression. All these fields are exactly what trigger my desire for more and more photography day by day!


Athens is my city! I live, walk and work here, that’s why I can show you all the hidden secrets that Athens has to offer!


Join me!


Let’s explore the magic of Athens together! Make images that have a story to tell and

create an experience that is uniquely yours!


Happiness… meeting new people and having a camera in my hand!


The “photography bug” bit me in my adolescence and I was trying to understand the world around me through images. I was “infected” quite seriously back then, so I studied photography in Leica Academy, in Greece.

In Leica Academy, I mastered the technical aspects of the medium and discovered the magic of Black & White Photography! My baptism of fire for professional photography came soon after and I started freelancing for sports photo agencies and magazines.

Photography completely transformed the way I saw the ordinary and life around me.

So more studies followed powered by the will to grasp the world: Environmental Development, International Studies and Social Sciences in UK’s Open University and Masters Degree on Photojournalism and Documentary Photography in London College of Communication.

My studies in the first place and now my job led me to travel extensively, meet people and create images for travel and life style magazines, which I still love doing.

I am also teaching photography, in Athens, where I live. I really enjoy assisting my younger students in developing their personal vision through images. However, I am not missing out the opportunity to get outside, stroll in the streets down town, enjoy the beauty and capture the vibes of Athens.


Join me in Topographia! There is a vibrant city awaiting for us to explore! A unique photographic experience to live together!And that’s a promise!

Give yourself better stories to tell! Give yourself better memories! Join Topographia!