Urban Athens: Omonia, Exarcheia, Lycabettus Hill

Practical Info


half day 4 hours

Walking Pace:





Every day 5pm till 9pm (depending on sunset)

Group size:

Up to 6 people


per person 99 €    


Let's explore the possibilities of photography together!
Please note: this is a photo workshop tour run by professional photographer. Not a guided tour from a licensed guide.
Meeting point:
Omonoia metro station  
Digital or analog camera, dslr or mirrorless, compact cameras or simply your mobile phone  
*If you wish to photograph people you may have to ask for their permission to have their picture taken. Photographing infants and kids is not allowed without the parents’ concession.
*The photographer will review your images during the tour 


  • Get an intro in the visual story telling and learn the key factors in telling stories through images
  • Take pictures in the busiest and most vibrant parts of the city
  • Discover capital’s multi cultural nature with your lens
  • Uncover hidden spots and hear stories for the visited places
  • Step off the tourist spots, experience local life and get a better understanding on the capital’s daily life

What you can expect

This tour is a first hand experience of Athens and matches beautifully different aspects of urban life. From Omonia metro station as a starting point, we will walk around the streets of Omonia square and explore the numerous ethnic shops. This is a great opportunity to witness the multicultural nature of the capital. The colours and aromas of the streets around Varvakeios Agora will, for sure, overwhelm you! Small shops that sell all sort of goods from herbs, nuts, spices to cheese, meat and dairy products are located here . From the busy market, we will head towards Exarcheia, Athens’ student area. A bohemian neighborhood that combines beautifully the old, the alternative and the modern. A place abuzz of street art- every inch of wall is considered a canvas and covered with vibrant colours and scenes delivering messages- record stores, publishing houses, coffee shops and bars. Exarcheia is a great place to explore with beautiful-even with a decay feeling- neoclassical architecture. The tour will round off at the top of Lycabettus Hill. The tallest hill in Athens will enthrall you with the panoramic view of the city. By the end of the photo tour you will have a variety of images from street photography and architecture to street art and urban landscape, you will witness the rich tapestry of Athens and step closer to its true soul.

Urban Athens


This tour is about a first hand experience of Athens and matches beautifully different aspects of the urban life. Book now Urban Athens Photography Workshop Tour

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